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When looking to purchase a property over in Florida whether it be for your own personal use or as a rental investment property you owe it to yourself to explore all the different options. Most of the large property companies are tied to their own developers and builders. So the  property that you are offered is not always the right property/ investment home for you.

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Pool Kingdom State Villas is a small family business that operates from two main offices. We have an office based in Central England and the other is in Orlando, Central Florida USA. We offer you a totally unbiased and independent opinion on all the different locations, developers and builders. Kingdom State Villas will help you to find the perfect Orlando property that suits your own personal requirements and budget, not the requirement set out by the property sales company.

Each enquiry will be personally handled by our sales director as we appreciate that each and every enquiry is different. Some of our clients want to purchase a Florida property as a holiday home, second home or retirement home just for their own personal and family use. Others may want to purchase as an investment/pension and offer their Florida property for use within our Kingdom State Villas Holiday Rental Program. So which ever criteria applies to you, you can be assured that we will give you the right advice when looking for properties for sale in Florida.

Pool yardKingdom State Villas has over 20 years experience in the Florida property market and we have hundreds of satisfied villa owners. Over the last few years we have managed to put together the perfect partners to enable us to offer you the best independent advice on buying property in Florida. We have licensed Florida Real Estate brokers who are experienced in both the private and investment property market.

Our mortgage advisors can offer you a choice of either a UK based mortgage or a US based mortgage. We appreciate that our clients want the choice of or at least the chance to compare all the different costs involved in buying a property in Florida.

And finally, but in our opinion, the most important part of the equation, The Management Company. Hundreds of Florida villa owners have been caught out in the past with bad villa management. It is no good just buying a property, you will need someone reliable to look after the property.

A little bit of history

LakeWhen we bought our first villa in Orlando, we went through 3 different Florida property management companies. We definitely learnt the hard way. Just looking back at some of our monthly statements, I can see we were charged extra payments each month for numerous items like call out charges, light bulbs and batteries replacing, owner’s own booking administration etc. We found all these extra charges very annoying so what we decided to do is set up our own Florida property management company to do the job the way it should be done. So now any client buying a property through Kingdom State Villas can take advantage of our wonderful management company and rental program with no hidden extras.

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Below we have given you some examples of  properties for sale in Orlando Florida, whether you purchase a new or second hand property  there are properties to suit all budgets and criteria’s. All of the properties listed below are advertised for sale at the price given, I say this because you will come across a lot of Orlando property sale sites who reduce the property prices just to get you interested and to tempt you to make an offer, we don’t do that, we show you the property at the full sale price. If you are looking for a SHORT SALE or BANK OWNED property then please let us know as none of the advertised properties listed below are Short Sales or Bank Owned homes, we don’t advertise these properties because the final sale price is often much higher than the advertised price, thus tying up your deposit for up to 9 months whilst the banks have the property appraised and more often than not end up coming back to you asking for more money. If you have the time to negotiate with the banks then please let us know and we will be very happy to send you a full Short Sales or Bank Owned property listing.

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